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Our story

Mario’s Pizzeria who are We:
“Mario’s” Love for cooking, together with a dream to own a little sit-down restaurant became a reality on April Fool’s day back in 2016, no jokes here!!!
With a passion for flavours and aromas, cooking and baking became more than just a hobby in Mario’s home, it became an adventure and the kitchen would soon be a dimension into which Mario could find solace and sheer pleasure of both creating something tasteful, to seeing the enjoyment on everyone’s faces whenever something delightful was made, which soon became he’s escape from the world and it’s ever so overbearing nature of creating a sense that life has to be one big rush!
Now, although “Mario” didn’t have any experience in the hospitality industry, he sure had had a lot experience in delivering good customer service, so paring that up with he’s love for good food, not only felt like a step in the right direction but also attainable.
That being said, “Mario’s” desire to please everyone’s unique and diverse taste buds, proved to be the ultimate challenge, as he would soon find out that for some, pizza is just pizza, whilst for others like himself who share a love for good food and good company, a scrumptious authentic wood fire oven pizza, would always be a favoured way to enjoy one’s day.

Who are we and what do we do:
Mario’s is a non-commercialised; non-franchised; small little family Business that after 3 years is part of the community and proudly one of the most recommended “Friday night” takeout choices.
We take pride in the fact that our Pizza’s, Pasta’s and Lasagne’s are as authentic as possible and believe that “Fresh is Best”, therefore nothing is pre-cooked.
We believe in good Quality and make the use of products imported from Italy as far as posable as to bring you that special authentic flavour right to your doorstep.
We at Mario’s Pizzeria also believe in consistency in delivering both good customer service as well as good food and value “our” customers support and opinions.
See you real soon.


46 Shelton Ave 

0717911150 / 0607650459

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